R1200GS Stars Sunday On SPIKE TV-UPDATE

Jesse's Ride

I'll admit to you that I have never been a big fan of Jesse James, although his stock did rise a smidge when he married America's Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock. However, Jesse is doing something this Sunday of interest to BMW riders. Tune in to SPIKE TV at 9 pm (CST) Sunday, June 14 to see Jesse ride an R 1200GS to a remote Alaskan village to deliver medical supplies as part of his new series "Jesse James Is A Dead Man." The "Arctic Bike Journey" segment should be interesting, not so much from the standpoint of Jesse's deadpan 'I know more than you know' delivery, but to see how the bike handles the notorious Arctic Ice Road. Knobbies rule!


Jesse James has an amazing ability to render the interesting tedious and he showed his skill at this again Sunday night. In addition to a rampant case of the 'dumbs'---riding without heated suits in -60 degree temperatures (note to SPIKE TV: they sell this stuff all over the Internet. Seriously they do.) and Jesse's riding 'partner' waiting too late to order his studded ice tires meaning - shocker - they did not get in in time for the adventure, there was a total lack of information about the bike. No explanation of the mods, why the R1200 GS was the right bike for the job, not even a mention of the brand and model. Thank goodness the BMW roundel was given 2.3 seconds of airtime. Sorry to say folks, but the Red River Riders Club Lame-o-Meter pegged on this one.

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