People, Places & Bikes

One thing you can say about our little group...we love bikes. We love them so much we have formed our own little southwest Shreveport micro economy in the buying, selling, trading and customizing of them. We like nothing more than to welcome new bikes and new members to our fold and this month we have both.

Our Newbie Member: Ron Franks from Henderson, Texas, was at our February meeting and we hope will be able to join us on a regular basis. Ron rides an LT. Welcome, Ron!

Our Newbie Bikes: Jean Hanson is the proud new owner of a cherry red F650GS Twin.

As you may recall, Jean's last bike was a Kawasaki Ninja 250 so this bike is already proving far more versatile, especially over long distances. Jean has written up a great report talking about some of the options she researched and added to her new bike and we will post that story next month.

Liz Swaine is honoring the Swaine-Culp family "sell one to buy one" agreement by putting her K1200S sport bike on the market after purchasing the Namibia Orange R1200GS at SMS. This was a purchase that literally came out of nowhere, Liz says. One pretty day she and Steve stopped by SMS to chat and Liz asked to test ride the cool-looking black with white pinstripe R1200R. Afterwards, she hopped on Mark Jamroz' R1200GS and was completely smitten. "This bike wasn't even on my radar," says Liz. "But when I pulled back into the parking lot laughing with a big grin on my face I knew it was a keeper. I think this is going to be a great bike for rides of any distance!"


  1. Cool, Liz, I am jealous! I have stayed away from Mark's demo GS just to protect myself. My GT might be on the cutting block.

    Will be expecting a ride report after you log some miles on your new GS. Enjoy the ride!

  2. So far, so great! Went for a twisty ride up to Magnolia, AR, last weekend and the new GS handled itself nicely plus it has enough power for some serious get-up-and-go. Early previews indicate it's going to be a keeper!