Red River Profile: Drew Newcomer

13 or so years ago, club member Drew Newcomer caught a bad case of wanderlust. Luckily, Newcomer who is a registered nurse, knew his malady was treatable and just what batch of potions to apply.

Interestingly, Newcomer’s first up close and personal experience with BMW motorcycles wasn’t a great one. On an Edelweiss tour out of Las Vegas in 1997, Newcomer was paired with a single cylinder 650 “thumper.” It was not love at first sight nor did it develop into a strong ‘like’ at any point during the trip. So how then was Newcomer finally enticed to BUY a BMW? Well, Drew knew BMW’s reputation for quality and he also wanted something a little different, and those reasons led him to his first and current BMW. In 2003, he pulled the trigger and purchased an R1150R, a bike Newcomer says “isn’t excellent at anything, but is very good at everything.” It’s become his ‘go to’ bike, equally appropriate for his short ride to work at Glenwood Regional Medical Center in West Monroe, the ride to Shreveport for his monthly BMW club meeting or a trek to Utah or Colorado.

His R1150R has 52,000 miles on it and after the purchase of a new set of OEM shocks, Drew is ready for riding season. His plan is to ride. A lot. Each year his New Year’s resolution is to ‘ride more than last year’ but a recent job change threatened to put some of that riding on hold. Drew has gotten used to unexpected life turns. He graduated LSU-Baton Rouge, Texas A&M University and the University of Georgia with a PhD in Soil and Crop Sciences and worked for several years in the agricultural chemical field. When that job went away and opportunities for another looked bleak, he went back to college. In his mid thirties, he embarked on two life changes…he enrolled in R.N. training and a got involved in motorcycles and riding.
His biking adventures have taken him to Alaska once and Europe three times and though foreign climes still hold an appeal (“I just got my passport renewed in December.”) he is currently more interested in exploring the States. His long range plan is to ride in each of the lower 48, and to that end, he is working on a Colorado trip that will bring him back through Texas’ Hill Country in June and possibly New Hampshire in the fall to view the changing colors. The May trip to Barber Motorsports is also on his calendar.

If Newcomer were to win the lottery, he would spend most of it on motorcycles and riding, and the first new purchase might be a Moto Guzzi Norge that has recently caught his imagination. But until that time, Newcomer will enjoy his BMW and a Suzuki SV650 that usually sits forlornly by as the BMW gets the daily exercise. “So many roads, so little time,” says Newcomer.


1. When did you start riding motorcycles? Age 39, 12 years ago.
2. Why did you first start riding? I had put a lot of time, money, effort, and heart into relationships that went to crap, so I said, "to hell with it, I am going to buy a motorcycle."
3. What types of bikes have you owned? (If more than 5, please, just list the highlights!) Yamaha 535 Virago, Honda Magna, Honda VFR, BMW R1150R, Suzuki SV-650.
4. Favorite bike of all you have owned and why? The Beemer -I have seen lots of the country with it and haven't stopped yet!
5. Do you have a single best motorcycle-related story? No single best story that I can think of but the Red River Riders trip to the Hill Country is one of my favorite grouprides. I have ridden in Europe several times and that has been a big highlight as well.
6. Is there a bike you WANT to own? Why? Looking at a Moto Guzzi Norge fairly lustfully right now -- also the Suzuki Bandit 1250 ABS -- I have to have a reason??
7. Best commonsense motorcycling tip to share with the group.
Don't let a group dictate how you should ride!!!
8. Your favorite movie and why: The Electric Horseman, Music and Lyrics, Paint Your Wagon. Different genres; liked them for various reasons; am into romantic comedies lately.
9. Your favorite restaurant and dish: No favorite - like Italian, Japanese, a good steak now and then.
10. Anything you would like to add: Harley riders do say one thing I agree with ----- "If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn't understand."

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