Hill Country Hoe-Down

Once again this spring, the RRBMWR Club will be returning to the reallyreally big and seriously purty state of Texas for the annual Hill Country Hoe-Down. While guessing when the wildflowers will be blooming is best left to the $1.99-a-minute Psychic Friends Network, it is fair to think that there should be some color in April. (Unless the drought hangs in and the only color is still brown).

However, rampant optimism abounds within the Red River BMW Riders that spring showers will produce April flowers, so the Hill Country weekend has been set for Thursday-Sunday April 19-22 in Ingram, Texas, about 7 miles west of Kerrville. Ingram, as you likely know, is home to renowned saddlemaker Don Adkinson. For some reason, when you google Adkinson, these images come up instead of a saddle. Don must be a diverse and happening guy.

Don Adkinson Google #1

Don Adkinson Google #2

Anyhoos, git yer reservations now at the Waltonia Lodge along the Guadalupe River in beautiful Adkinsonville, er, Ingram. When you call make sure to tell the proprietor that you are with the BMW group out of Shreveport so that he can give you his "Shreveport Cousin" deal. (We don't think he really has a Shreveport cousin or if he did, that he liked him all that much.)

If you chose to go the low tech way, the phone number there is: 1-800-EAT-DUNG. Nah, we're just kidding, it's 830-367-5613. The Hill Country trip is always a LOT of fun, rain or shine. It's a great time to talk bikes, ride bikes, and just generally chill in an area that is slap full of fabulous riding, beautiful scenery and stick-to-your-ribs vittles. The new location of Ingram is closer to the fun of the Three Sisters while still within throw-a-rock distance to Kerrville and surrounding amenities. Make your reservations now and we'll see you in the Hill Country!


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