Steve Culp SCULPtor

Red River BMW Riders club member Steve Culp is known for his wizardry with all things mechanical. He is an award-winning motorcycle, car and airplane builder with a number of championship trophies under his belt. Culp is still involved in his airplane and motorcycle pursuits (Two antique Beemers sit in his shop, one awaiting finishing touches, the other - a bout of inspiration.)
But recently, other creatures started moving into his workshop...strange metal beings who introduce themselves, go get a cup of coffee and take up residence. They come on strange feet that look ever so similar to things like connecting rods and ball bearings and antique motorcycle parts. Some come in flying, riding other creatures or astride a large wheel.  All have names, stories and very distinct ---and somewhat unusual---personalities.


Steve's creatures from a Mechanical Planet have spurred so much interest that Steve has been signed to show and sell them at the Gallery Fine Art, a Brunner Gallery affiliate. Steve's first art show will run from January 26 through March 30, with the reception January 26 from 5:30-8:30pm. The gallery is located at 2151 Airline Drive (next to 2Johns), Suite 200.

Dogfella will be there, as will Tallyho and Cybot, 76 Trombones, Undue Risk and all the others. There will be food, fun and lots of heavy metal (with attitude). We hope that you are able to attend as well.


  1. I like this! You sold nine creations already!! I went by to see the gallery this morning.

  2. Very cool sculptures! You are very talented!