And Now the Nasty Flip Side of Biker Love...

Just when we gals were feeling all warm and fuzzy about our biker guys comes word that we may mean less to them than that tarty German vixen that gets most of their attention and money. Another insurance company, this time Allstate (is this what they all do in their spare time?), recently completed a consumer study that showed that virtually ALL riders who identified themselves as hardcore would give up their spouse or significant other before their motorcycle. 500 guys across the country got to weigh in earlier this year in a study called "Who I am and What I Ride." They could identify themselves as a Sports Bike Enthusiast, Stressed Out Executive, Hardcore Biker or Weekend Warrior - which led the field at 31 percent. The majority of the participants who could not identify their classification labeled themselves as Baby Boomer Riders.

In addition to spouses/significant others being potentially expendable, here are some of the other findings:

  • More than half of all the riders said they would give up their television rather than their motorcycle.

  • The highest percentage of respondents, 35%, said they own at least one Harley and spent an average of $20,600 for the bike and $2,250 more on accessories. 30% rode a Honda.

  • Seven in ten of bikers say they ride at least once a week; nearly half say they ride several times each week.

  • Why do men ride? Although "To get away from my spouse/significant other" wasn't a choice, maybe it should have been. Of the reasons available to choose, 'riding is more fun' came in first, with 'the feeling of freedom' in second.

  • One in five bikers belong to a biker club and those are predominantly the self-professed 'hard core bikers' (Red River Riders group IS a club, right? See hard core bikers, above.)

  • Thankfully, about 50% of men bikers will never have to make the dreaded spouse versus bike choice as that many have spouses who either ride with them or ride their own bike.

We female bikers are now waiting for a study of our own that will determine what WE think about these matters. Ladies of RRBMW Club, discuss amongst yourselves to prepare for a proper response.

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