April Showers Bring Flowers...And Riding Season!

Well, the weather is finally getting nice enough for some serious riding and our BMW group is definitely getting serious about their riding! Over the past few days, a contingent including Bob Critcher, Bruce Carrington, Jean and Dave Hanson, Jimmy Moss and Wellborn and Catherine Jack went over to Denton, Texas, to the RideSmart school and Bobby Swink and Drew Newcomer motored over to a BMW event at Lake Belton, Texas, near Houston. Drew reports the event was a nice one, but heavy rain on Sunday caused a lot of folks to head for the house early.

Liz and Steve are departing soon for some backcountry ghosttown hunting in southeastern Arizona and before you know it, it'll be time for the group to take off for Birmingham, Ala., and the Barber Motorsports Museum. If you want to ride, you'll have a lot of opportunities over the next couple of months.
In this month's update, we have a couple of ride reports from some of our free-wheeling members and some stories guaranteed to make you go "Hmmmmm", including why male bikers are good lovers but why that ridin' man may also be willing to break his little woman's heart. Enjoy!

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