Looking for Love? Try the Biker Next Door.

Valentine's Day has come and gone, but romance is always in the air if you're a biker. Recently, the Progressive insurance agency conducted a survey of men, both bikers and non-bikers and discovered that biker guys aren't the tough, burly dudes stereotypes portray but are instead, hopeless romantics. Yes, 40% of male bikers surveyed used those exact words in describing themselves versus 34% of non-bikers. The riders told the survey that having their heart broken moves them to tears. The non-riders said it's watching a sad movie that makes them weepy.

Male riders are also more likely to be involved in charitable giving, especially those involving children.

There is one stereotype that did bear out: tattoos. Riders are nearly three times more likely than non-riders to have a tattoo (32 percent versus 12 percent), but the types of tattoos they have might surprise you. Bikers are nearly twice as likely as those who don't ride to have a tattoo of their significant other's name (18 percent versus 10 percent) although some of the men did amit to flowers, heart, unicorns and the Cookie Monster.

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