BMW's Sales Crummy, But LESS Crummy Than Others

You know it's a sad day when you spin your numbers to show that your year was successful because it was less ghastly than all your competitors. Just-released 2009 sales figures show the brand was down 22%, but BMW is calling it a victory. Why? The American market as a whole tanked 41%, so 22% looks darned fine in comparison.

The 22% was the smallest decline among all motorcycle brands and it followed positive growth (only one of two manufacturers to do so) in 2008. BMW believes the smaller sales decline is due to service, new products (K1300S and K1300GT) and continued access to financing, a key in getting bikes out the door.

Good things are expected in 2010 based on the pre-sale strength of the S1000RR. 600 purchased units should start hitting the streets on January 26. Also on tap for 2010 are newer versions of the  R1200GS, the R1200GS Adventure and the R1200RT. Here's hoping for a more lucrative 2010.

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