It's Here!

BMW's highly anticipated new superfast S1000RR is on the showroom floor at Shreveport Motorsports and is already attracting attention.

Jason K. on the S-RR

A gaggle of admirers surrounded the bike Saturday, poking, prodding, fondling, perhaps even whispering an inappropriate suggestion or two. In person the S1000RR does LOOK as fast as they say it is. It is also lightweight enough to be brought upright off the sidestand with a pinky finger that is only slightly muscular. This bike is definitely going to be fun.

SMS' Jason Kilpatrick will be using the Acid Green shop bike for drag racing, and if there's anyone who can wring every last HP out of this hot little number, it's Jason. BMW area rep Mark Jamroz also plans to race one of the liter bikes. Be interesting to put Jason and Mark side-by-side on the dragstrip, wouldn't it? It would be like Godzilla versus Mothra, Batman versus Aquaman, east versus west, Sodom versus Gomorrah. But I digress....

Wellborn considers how many billable hours it would take to pay for this new bad boy.

BMW says 600 of these motorbikes have been pre-sold and will be in customers' hands any day now. You, though, can own this one. Now. Today. With a couple of additional bells and whistles, this model is priced at $16,225. Be sure you have enough money left over for some really good racing leathers. Even if you don't plan to race, owning a bike this lightweight and this fast means that going to the grocery store may involve at least two time zones and one sound barrier.

Additional S100RR Info:
  • A second S1000RR, one in the BMW Motorrad Motorsport colors, will hit SMS in a couple of weeks.
  • Everything you could ever want to know about the bike can be found at:

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