Chilly Buns = No Funs

We BMW studs and studettes like to think that we are all about riding our bikes no matter what Mother Nature may throw at us. But face it, when temperatures plummet we quickly revert to the southern-living, short-sleeve-loving wimps that we are. Heated overpriced Gerbing stuff or not, fling a bunch of extreme cold and ice my way and my backside is happier sitting in an overstuffed chair in my heated house than on my airish R1200GS. Brrrr.

Spring will soon be sprung and all the cute little biker chicks will once again be able to put on skimpy leathers and enjoy warmer days. When that happens, the Red River BMW Riders will be ready for it. (Not putting on the skimpy leathers, mind you, but enjoying the warmer days.)  Plans are already well in the works for a jaunt to the beaches of east Florida for the annual Bike Week pilgrimage to Daytona Beach and environs.

The usual crew will be going the usual way down and staying in the usual place, so if you want to join in, contact the usual suspects. Daytona is always a blast. You can pull up a space on Main Street and watch the world go by, wander through the manufacturers' tents at Daytona International Speedway, visit the megolith that is Destination Daytona, and along the way grab some good eats, some bargain tees and soak up some fine Florida sunshine.

There are also plans afoot for another Texas Hill Country  run the third weekend in May with Blanco again the destination of choice. Blanco Settlement will be our HQ, which allows our BMW brethren to travel north, south, east, and west as the spirit and the law allow.

For those of you who haven't been, the Hill Country is a beautiful place with opportunities for fun in almost every direction. Plan now to join the gaggle, you won't be sorry. We promise that if you come you will not only FIND Utopia, you can have a piece of pie there.

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