Red River Rider Member WOWS World of Wheels

Once again, proof that good things come in threes. Red River BMW member Leroy Nuckolls had a trio of beauties at the World of Wheels at the Shreveport Convention Center and no one, it seemed, could pass by without a long and loving look.

"I remember Bultacos from my high school days," one said. "They were the hottest dirt bikes around." "Look at the shine on that Norton," said another, "I think I can count all the light bulbs overhead."

Nuckolls has always had an eye for fine bikes, but the interesting thing is that these didn't start out as fine at all. RRBMW member Steve Culp, who helped Nuckolls with the restoration and did the paint work, remembers seeing them come off the trailers for the first time. "All of these bikes looked really bad, just like complete pieces of junk." says Culp. "They were complete, thankfully, but that was about it. Leroy knew these restorations were going to take a lot of time, effort and elbow grease. He is a hard worker who doesn't mind spending the time it takes on detail work."

The effort and elbow grease paid off in spades, with a show-quality 1970 Norton Commando, 1970 Bultaco Matador and 1979 Bultaco Frontera.

An early 60s and slightly-the-worse-for-wear BSA is next up for the "Nuckolls touch," so stay tuned.

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