S1000RR Scheduled Any Day Now

It is with breathless anticipation that we report the new superfastsuperbike, the highly-touted and much discussed S1000RR, should be in at Shreveport Motor Sports next week.

BMW Area Rep Mark Jamroz says the factory tells him his personal beast should be in any day now and that he has already received his protective riding gear. He reports it's sturdy stuff, all the better for a bike that can easily reach 170 on a straightaway... not that Mark would consider doing that.

The bike continues to get good reviews from the world's motorcycling press as the most powerful liter bike ever. What this bike may lack in anything it has certainly made up for in hype. The reviews that matter most will be in once those folks interested in the bike finally get to climb into the saddle and throttle up. Soon, soon.

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